Food Stories

Doughnut NG

  She stood by the window watching the beautiful scenery outside her room. A river was a bit far from their house. But she can still sight the river. She loves nature; the trees, plants, lush grasses, birds, insects, animals, etc. Birds were flying on the beautiful blue sky. The water was blue. A fisherman was paddling a canoe. He held a rod in his hand, he threw it inside the river with the intension of catching fish.

The Gift

  Ding dong! The door bell rang. A middle aged woman went to open the door. She was wearing native attire, she is dark and plump. She opened the door and saw a young lady in her early twenties, wearing an old blouse and skirt.The skirt has so many stitches. Holding a nylon bag in her right hand. A elderly woman was standing beside her. She covered her body with a big brown veil. 

 " Good morning, " the elderly woman said with an amiable smile. 

 " Morning, how may I help you please? " asked the middle aged woman trying to be friendly.