Homemade bread

Homemade bread is delicious and easy to prepare. It is prepared with flour, melted margarine, sugar, yeast, salt, etc. I'm not a fan of bread, but when I started baking my own bread I began to love it. Best served with tea for breakfast. 

  Ingredients : 

 3 small peak milk tin of flour 

1 1/2 tbsp yeast 

1/4 cup melted margarine

2/3 cup of sugar 

1 tsp salt 

1 egg (optional) 

1/4 cup milk (optional) 


Soak the yeast and sugar in a medium cup of warm water and allow to rise for 5 minutes. If the yeast is good, it will rise and a foam will appear on top. 

  Seive the flour and set aside. Pour the soaked yeast in a medium bowl. Add the salt and melted margarine. If you are using milk and egg, add them and stir. Add the flour  gradually, stirring till the flour is exhausted. Sprinkle some flour on a board and drop the dough gently on it. Sprinkle some flour on top of the mixture and knead for some minutes. Oil the bowl and put the mixture in it. Cover with a kitchen cloth and keep in a warm place to rise for at least 1 hour. You will discover that it has double in size. Punch it to release the air in the dough. 

  Sprinkle some flour on the board and put the dough on it. Divide it into two. Keep one of the dough aside. Roll the other dough lightly with a rolling pin. Fold and roll like a mat. Fold the edges and put in a greased baking tin. Cover with a kitchen cloth and allow to rise for 30 minutes. Bake in a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes.

  The bread is ready! Serve warm with tea or alone. 

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