Egusi Soup (Caking Method)

Egusi Soup is one of Nigeria's popular soup. Prepared by various tribes. It's major ingredients are egusi, beef, offal, fish, green vegetables,etc. It's a delicious soup and it's irresistible. Serve with swallow of your choice. But best served with pounded yam. It's one of my favorite soup. Check out the recipe below. 


2 peak milk tin of ground egusi 

Beef (cut into medium size)

Pieces of stock fish

1 small cup ground crayfish 

1 cup chopped ugu leaves

1 tbsp ground pepper 

1 1/2 stock cubes

Salt to taste 

1 tsp black pepper (not ground) 

1 diced onion 

1 cooking spoon palm oil


Wash and boil the beef and stock fish with some salt and black pepper till tender. Remove the beef and stock fish from the pot and set aside. Gradually, add the ground egusi stirring till thick. Cover the pot with a lid and allow to cook. Check from time to time, so that it will not get burnt. Stir occasionally, adding little amount of water till cooked. An oil will come out from the egusi. Then add the palm oil, ground crayfish, salt, stock cubes, ground pepper, ugu leaves, diced onion and stir well. Cook on medium flame for 5-7 minutes. Lastly, add the beef and stock fish, stir and cook for some minutes.

  Serve with Pounded yam, semovita or any swallow of your choice. 

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