Homemade Waina With Ugu Soup

  Waina (Rice Cakes) is a Hausa Traditional Food. Prepared by many people from different tribes. It is best served as lunch. If to be well enjoyed, served with any of the local drinks like zobo drink, kunun zaki, etc. It prepared with rice or maize, yeast, oil, etc. For the soup, ugu leaves, blended vegetables, beef, biscuit bones, etc. Below is the recipe. Hope you willtry it.

 Waina Ingredients:

 3 measures of local rice

 3 tbsp yeast

 1 bottle of oil for shallow frying


Remove the dirts from the rice and soak in water for 2 hours. It can be soaked overnight. Cook 1 peak milk tin of rice.  Wash and strain the rice add some water, cooked rice and yeast. Grind set aside to rise for about 4 hours. Heat the ironware till piping hot. Add a tbsp of oil in the holes, allow the oil to become hot. Add some water and liquid potash. Stir the waina mixture and add spoonfuls of the mixture in all the holes. Fry for few minutes and flip over the other side gently. Fry till you exhaust the mixture.




3 bunches of ugu (chopped)

1 kg beef (cut into medium sizes)

1 kg biscuit bones

1 medium bowl of blended tomatoes, peppers, onions

1 medium cup groundnut (ground)

10 stock cubes

salt to taste

3 tbsp ground ginger

1 satchet thyme

1 medium cup palm oil


Wash the beef and biscuit bones with clean water. Put in a pot, add some water, thyme, ground ginger, some salt and place on the fire. Allow to cook till the beef is almost tender. Add the blended vegetables, little potash in case if the tomatoes is sour. Bring to the boil. Add palm oil and stir now and then till well fried. Add some water, stock cubes and bring to the boil. Finally, add the chopped ugu, stir and cook on medium heat. Remove from the fire. Serve the waina with the ugu soup and enjoy!

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