Goodness Pays

The sun shone on the river. It became transparent that anyone that stands by the river will see his face. It's as clear as a mirror. A boy of 10 years was driving a canoe with a paddle on his hand. He clear the water with it as he passes by. When he reached the middle of the river, he stopped the boat and brought out his fishing tackłe. He threw it in the river with the aim of catching a fish. Not long he realised that the stick is heavy, he quickly lift it up and to his greatest surprise, he saw two big fishes on the stick. He pulled the stick quickly and removed the fish and kept them in the boat. He threw the stick inside the river and again caught two big fish. He was very happy and continued paddling in his boat. He stopped to catch more fish and lucky he was, he caught lots of fish. He happily returned to the river bed and parked his boat there. He was counting his fish when he heard someone saying Salam Alaikum" the boy stopped counting the fish and lifted his head up to see who that person was. He saw a middle aged man standing beside him dressed in kaftan and cap. By mere looking at him, he knew he was a rich man. He was holding an IPad on his hand. 

"Wa alaikum salam," the boy replied respectfully. 

How much is the fish? " he asked looking at the fish in the boat. They are very big, " he added. 

"4 pieces is 1000 naira," the boy replied. 

"Ah! the price is fair. How many do you have altogether?"

The boy counted the fish and said to the man, "20 pieces" 

"How much will that be? "

"The boy calculated. 4000 naira," he replied.

The man put his hand in his pocket and brought out a black wallet. He opened it and removed 2000 naira. He gave it to the boy. The boy collected it and counted it, he realised that it is 2000 naira. 

 "Alhaji, it is 2000 naira. My money is 1000 naira," the said surprisingly, looking at the money. 

 "I know. Buy more fishing tools with the money," the said with a smile. I like boys that have determination and hardworking. You really impressed me. Keep it up"

 " Thank you Alhaji, the boy responded with a jaunty smile."

 " Do