Spicy Beef Pepper Soup

  1/2 kilo beef

3 Irish potatoes ( peeled & cubed)

2 carrots ( scraped & diced)

Some spring onions ( chopped)

1 diced onion

3-4 grated bell peppers & onions

1 tsp crushed garlic

1 tsp ground ginger

3 stock cubes

Salt to taste

Pinch nutmeg


Wash and boil the beef put in a medium pot, add salt, pinch black peppers and spring onions. Cover and allow to boil. When beef is almost soft, add the grated bell peppers and onions, potatoes, seasonings and spices. After 5 mins, add carrots, and onions. Cook on low heat.

Serve a lone or with any dish of your choice.

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